Lapis Vintage Pendant

Lapis Necklace & Vintage Glass Pendant

Product Information

Funky fine, double strand Lapis beads with an unusual vintage glass pendant.

One of a kind, never to be repeated, collectable necklace.

A stunning fashion jewellery piece that’s oh-so-different.


~Lapis Lazuli~ is always a deep blue colour. It is a combination of minerals, primarily lazurite and calcite, with pyrite contained in Afghani Lapis to give it the gold threads that is seen shining through. Chilean Lapis contains little if any pyrite.

Lapis is said to have existed ‘before time was born’, giving admission to the domain of the unknown mysteries of sacred texts and esoteric ideas and enhancing the wisdom to understand the information.

Afghani Lapis is likened to the night sky bedecked with stars. It connects us between the physical plane and the celestial. It is said to be a stone of ‘total awareness’, and assists the conscious attunement of the intuitive and psychic aspects of ones nature.

Lapis was used by the Hebrews to adorn their ceremonial robes. Legend says that King Solomon was assisted by an angel of the Lord who gave him a special Lapis ring.

It helps one to overcome depression and enhances a state of serenity. It assists in balancing yin-yang energies. It is also used as a protective stone, sheltering the wearer from physical danger and psychic attacks.

~ Astrology Sign of Sagittarius.

~ Agna or third eye charkra.