Onyx, beautiful black Onyx

Product Information

I have a long held fascination with Onyx. From the time I was a young child, rummaging through my mothers jewellery box and striking gold, so to speak, when I came accross a three stringed black beauty, complete with silver clasp.

The onyx was jet, jet black and faceted so it shone brightly, like the night sky with stars and it had the quality of reflecting any light source that was around.

It was heavy and the onyx tapered off to small, delicate beads as it reached around the back of my neck.

It is quite puzzling how this black stone has held my fascination for my whole life. As I got older, I only became more intrigued. For many years onyx was completely out of favour and much of it ended up in second hand shops and op shops. This only made it easier for people like me, (obsessed jewellery addicts) to acquire copious amounts of the stuff.

Alas, I sit here pining for my long lost collection of vintage onyx necklaces. They became the victim of a long stint overseas and disapeared along with many other treasures that I left behind. They fell into the abyss of friends and family, who handed my stuff around like a game of pass the parcel, unwrapping a layer as they went til there was nothing left. I did stay away many more years than I originally planned and don’t blame them at all for rehousing, as they assumed, my unwanted goods and chattels.

Luckily, onyx is still affordable and plentiful. I have recently aquired some new onyx. Though it doesn’t have quite the charm of my long lost vintage pieces, I still am entranced by it. Here I have made a little something for myself. It is a long flapper style and is a mix of sizes and cuts. I have also thrown in some smoky quartz for good measure and contrast.

What do you think of the mix? I love it – and because of its colour, it goes with anything!