Spiritual Speak

Goddess Candy is a new age woman. I believe in the spirit, the soul or whatever your dogma allows you to call the all pervading energy, the life force that resides within every being, the spark of life. I am open minded and embrace many different schools of thought. I especially love energy healing or vibrational medicine. Exploring that path is how I found myself in the business of crystals and jewellery. I love to surround myself with crystals and candles and other beautiful objects that are handmade. I abhor plastic and other fake stuff. Istarted out making myself some jewellery so I could wear my healing stones or crystals everyday, so I could...

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Goddess Pendant with Pearls

Vintage Metal Goddess Pendant on a  string of Freshwater Pearls. Simply sublime. Extra long Matinee style necklace that can be worn long or wrapped. This is really unique and original. For the Goddess who loves to be different!...

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Love Heart Silver Ring

‘Love Heart’ ring has a delicate three flower motif. This ring matches the ‘Sweet Heart’ Pendant. Take the Love with you- wherever you may venture! Goddesses please  note: Ring size is average and will fit almost anyone on at least one finger. Height: 1.75 cm (3/4 inch) Width: 1.75 cm (3/4...

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