A little bit of info for you to enjoy: Turquoise is not a primary element like iron, copper, silver, etc. Rather, it is a secondary element formed over time as a result of minerals that accumulate in the planet’s crust through two processes, weathering and oxidation. Turquoise usually occurs as encrustation in cracks or as nuggets. As water moves through porous rock, minerals are dissolved, such as copper, aluminum and iron. Often these minerals come from other secondary elements; copper might come from azurite, for example. Over eons of time, these minerals accumulate in pores, cracks and crevices to form deposits of the material we know as “turquoise.” Oxidation of other minerals present at...

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Turquoise, Silver and Freshwater Pearls

Turquoise, Hand Beaten Silver and Freshwater Pearls. Tribal style necklace. The vintage freshwater pearls have a beautiful pinkish natural pearl sheen reminiscent of days gone by. The freshwater pearls balance the necklace with their delicate feminine nature compared to the tribal boldness of the Turquoise. Eye Candy for the Soul… Hand Made by the Goddess. Short style necklace. ~ Turquoise ~ is a healer of the spirit and brings peace of mind. It is esteemed among Tibetan “shamans” as holding a protective property. It is considered by native American Indians to be protective, a bestower of goodness and to initiate rain by throwing Turquoise into a river or holding it under running water. It...

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