The Goddess


Goddess Candy is a new age woman. She believes in the spirit, the soul or whatever your dogma allows you to call the all pervading energy, the life force that resides within every being, the spark of life.

She embraces many different schools of thought. Especially energy healing & vibrational medicine. Exploring that path is how she found herself in the business of crystals and jewellery.

Goddess Candy loves to surround herself with crystals and candles and other beautiful objects that are handmade. She abhors plastic and other fake stuff.

She started out making herself some jewellery so she could wear healing stones or crystals to utilise their healing properties and change them often to suit my needs or mood on a particular day. Or even match an outfit.

Many people stopped her on the street and commented on the jewellery. The most common question, “Where did you get that? I would love one too!”

So she started making the occasional necklace for friends and it grew from there.

This is truly a business that sprouted from her philosophy on life, that is going with the flow. Putting powerful crystals and jewellery together was a natural progression.

Please enjoy the beautiful crystals and gemstones the earth offers up to us in jewellery by Goddess Candy.