Turquoise, Silver and Freshwater Pearls

Turquoise, Silver and Vintage Freshwater Pearl Necklace.

Product Information

Turquoise, Hand Beaten Silver and Freshwater Pearls.

Tribal style necklace.

The vintage freshwater pearls have a beautiful pinkish natural pearl sheen reminiscent of days gone by. The freshwater pearls balance the necklace with their delicate feminine nature compared to the tribal boldness of the Turquoise.

Eye Candy for the Soul…

Hand Made by the Goddess.

Short style necklace.

~ Turquoise ~ is a healer of the spirit and brings peace of mind. It is esteemed among Tibetan “shamans” as holding a protective property.

It is considered by native American Indians to be protective, a bestower of goodness and to initiate rain by throwing Turquoise into a river or holding it under running water. It acts to induce wisdom and understanding, enhance trust, kindness and the recognition of beauty.

Turquoise promotes sponteneity in romance and stimulates the initiation of romantic love. It is a master healer, emanating a purifying energy which tends to dissipate negativity that is outside of oneself. It can be used for healing emotional, mental and physical problems. In ancient times it was used to heal eye problems. It can enhance ones psychic powers.

Attuned to signs of Sagittarius, Pisces and Scorpio.